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In commissioning the various systems and equipment components are placed first in initial operation. Constitute the dynamic checks each element (electrical, instrumentation, piping and equipment) enabling condition to facilities that integrate operating systems to initiate activities Boot or Startup and stabilizing them safely, smoothly, and achieve production and yields of products for which they were designed and planned.

Examples of some of the activities performed during commissioning:

• Inerting

• Leak Test

• Mechanical Testing of Rotating Equipment

• Functional Testing Equipment and Systems

• Functional Tests Control Loops

• Setting Protections

• Energized electrical systems

• Load of Chemicals

• Operational Testing

"Commissioning, set of activities (tests) carried out with energy or process fluids, in order to review and verify the integrity and smooth functioning of instruments, equipment and processes or systems, ensuring, of the success of the Startup". Engineer, Juan Mendez, ICG Commissioning