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Document Management Service  has the overall objective to establish criteria for the preparation, identification, implementation, control and storage of documents, which enables the management control of this process, through monitoring, measurement, planning and project implementation , documented way to demonstrate compliance with the goals set by the client.

Specific objectives of the service

Review, develop, consolidate, sort and restructure all the information in the documents, making the formal handover of command and responsibilities transfer of assets built (plant facilities, surface facilities, systems, equipment, etc.) by the ICG applicant company to its respective client or another.

Deliverables documents supporting the implementation of the project in its different stages of maturation; from the beginning, during development and finally implementation they are:

1. Basic Engineering Dossier

2. Detail Engineering Dossier

3. Manufacturing and / or Supplier Dossier

4. Construction Dossier

5. AC-1 Pre-commissioning Dossier

6. HC-1 Commissioning Dossier