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Cartagena’s refinery started working successfully

This past October 21, 2015, after five years in construction, with an investment of over 8,000 million dollars, Cartagena’s Refinery (REFICAR) officially started operating.

President Juan Manuel Santos attended the opening act, in charge of starting the project’s first unit, the raw oil unit, an area where oil is received and stored, heart and fundamental part of the refinery’s processes.

REFICAR will be, without a doubt, the most modern refinery in Latin America; it involves construction of 31 plants in which several oil byproducts will be processed, such as diesel, cooking, liquefied gas, and gas for planes, among others.

For Industrial Consulting Group, it has been an honor as well as a professional challenge to be part of this great project and to apply our experience and expertise in organizing pre-commissioning, commissioning and kick-off of the refinery’s vital units.

It’s important to highlight that with the expansion and improvements in which we are working, REFICAR will be able to double its refining capacity to 165 thousand barrels daily, which will cause a positive impact in Colombia’s national economy, representing an additional point in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as well as 10% of the industrial sector’s GDP.

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