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Pre - Commissionig


It refers to activities undertaken during construction that prepare and allow the unit to move to the main phase of commissioning.

The Pre-commissioning activities include:

• Installing filters

• fillers and packaging installation in distillation columns

• Filling catalysts in reactors

• Verification of testing, inspection and nondestructive testing

• Check hydrostatic testing

• Cleaning pipelines and equipment

• factory acceptance testing at site

• List and monitoring of pending construction  and instrumentation activities ( "punch list")

• Verification of control loops

Documents and typical activities at this stage


• Definition of Operating Systems

• Procedures of Washing, blowing, Chemical Cleaning, Equipment Inspection (Elec-Mec-Ins)

• Final equipment Close, Alignment, Static tests of electrical equipment, instrumentation, among others.

•Verification and filling  Lubricants 

• Verification and filling Seals

• Setting protection

• Control "Punch List"

• Operation and Maintenance Manuals

• Procedure list Blind Points, terminal points aand  Adjustment of Bolts

• Commissioning & startup Sequence

• Planning

This phase of the project begins once has completed much of the mechanical completion of the plant or systems.

The process includes: verification under design, verification of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, cleaning equipment and piping, and equipment and systems previous adjustments.