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    After Start up, the facility start to operate, ICG has absolute ability and experience to operate all related activities to process flows of production crude oil and its derivatives, petrochemicals and gas sector, under the highest safety and quality standards. We also have proven experience in the maintenance of facilities, equipment and everything needed for any platform of this kind continue to operate safely and producing at maximum installed capacity.


    Knowledge transfer, syndication (parameterization) and systematization of processes, to ensure in any type of operation to maintain over time the proper operation and production results. In ICG we are totally committed to our customers to have a flawless, transparent and understandable documentary management for the personnel operating the facilities, so they could replicate the procedures, maintenance and resource and get the same results every time.


    We firmly believe in the opportunity to continually improve and be cost efficient, so our optimization services guarantee our customers the opportunity to make the most of their resources, reduce costs and work responsibly with the environment by reducing energy consumption, water, improve machinery performance and optimize consumption of fluids and raw materials.


    Efficiently manage resources to ensure their durability and performance, is an art that after 35 years of industry experience, we have accumulated to assure our employees and customers, optimum operation profits to making the most of their assets. Reuse, maintain and optimize are the fundamental keys to maintain with the quality and operability promised by warranty.

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