The main objective is to increase oil refining capacity of 80,000 barrels per day to 165 thousand barrels per day. This ambitious challenge will be reach by passing from a refining configuration of four (4) processing units and one (1) unit of industrial services, to a new configuration of fourteen (14) processing units and two (2) units of industrial services. The implementation of the project requires a highly qualified staff with many years of experience in the area of ​​PC & S in refining or petrochemical. It is here where our expertise has played in favor of becoming a key ally because we have skilled professionals with sufficient qualifications in checking construction status and PC & S of everything that involves processing crude . The project includes the processes of atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation, delayed coking and handling of coke, disintegration catalytic-FCC, alkylation, decay heat-hydrocracking, hydrogen plants, storage tanks, flares for gas burning, fuel natural gas unit, air unit for plant and instrumentation, water treatment units, services, steam generators, and electric power generators among other units and plants. The remodeling and expansion of which is the most modern refinery in Latin America, accounting for ICG pride and a huge professional challenge. More than 300 employees, high level experts and directly eyes and hands of our CEO, made feasible the implementation in record time, of these complex processing units.

Refinería de Cartagena REFICAR

Date: 2015- 2016
Client: Reficar / Ecopetrol
Sstatus: Finished