We are a multinational corporation specialized in rendering services for the oil industry in the field of Commissioning and Startup  of complex operation facilities such as refineries, Oil Fields, Commercial Maritime Ports, among others. Our operations as Industrial Consulting Group, started seven years ago when we established our first office in Bogotá, Colombia, however our experience and expertise is more than 30 years developing and starting projects in the oil and gas industry in several oil producing countries: Venezuela , Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Kazakhsta

Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning

Start up

Technical Assistance in Operation and Maintenance

Training of Operators and Technicians


  • Campo Cajúa Colombia
    Campo Cajúa Colombia
    Upstream EN
  • Campo Quifa Colombia
    Campo Quifa Colombia
    Upstream EN
  • Campos Rubiales
    Campos Rubiales
    Upstream EN
  • Puerto Bahia Cartagena
    Puerto Bahia Cartagena
    Midstream EN
  • Pisco
    Upstream EN
  • Campo Dina
    Campo Dina
    Upstream EN
  • Campo Costa Afuera Tumbes
    Campo Costa Afuera Tumbes
    Upstream EN
  • Campo Gasífero La Creciente
    Campo Gasífero La Creciente
    Upstream EN
  • Refinería de Cartagena REFICAR
    Refinería de Cartagena REFICAR
    Downstream EN


We have a team of technicians and professionals highly qualified and committed to providing the best commissioning and startup services of oil and gas facilities. From our corporate governance to our stakeholders, Industrial Consulting priority is to build trust through responsible management for all our clients projects and the efficiency of our activities.

With the vision to build a company recognized for the excellent operation of Oil & Gas facilities, honesty and integrity characterize our business management with our groups of interest both internal and external. Thus, we have the best practices of corporate social responsibility privileging safety, reliability and profitability in fulfilling our operations and sustainable development.

The high quality of our services is defined by its security, profitability and sustainability. We are committed to innovation and excellence ensuring social welfare in our operations and the highest possible environmental care.

In the pursuit of continuous improvement, we make a conscious effort to cultivate the trust of all our groups of interest. We understand that this collaborative work contributes to creating lasting alliances and successful projects.

Somos ICG – Garantizamos el Éxito del Proyecto Oil & Gas

Somos una empresa de clase mundial dedicada a Servicios de Consultoría Técnica Especializada de facilidades de producción, procesamiento, tratamiento, almacenamiento, transporte y Refinación para la industria del petróleo y gas en Latinoamérica.

Buscamos servir para hacer una transición temprana y segura entre la Construcción y la Operación & Mantenimiento gracias a nuestro enfoque especializado en planificar y ejecutar un óptimo Comisionamiento y Puesta en Marcha de grandes proyectos de Oil & Gas.

Nuestro objetivo es Garantizar el Éxito del Proyecto a todos nuestros clientes asegurando la rentabilidad.