Integral Management of startup

ICG provides specialized and integral services that ensure customers to operate their facilities with safety, quality and reliability. Services are:

  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Startup
  • Training
  • Operations & Maintenance

ICG is involved in the project from the begining, to ensure optimum transition between the phase of engineering, procurement and construction to operation and maintenance of facilities and production facilities ensuring stable operations efficiently and safely. Likewise, the management ensure startup of the entire infrastructure with excellent quality results and early production.

“Strategic Management of Startup is the structure formed to carry out in a planned, concatenated, balanced set of activities from the completion of construction, through the Pre & commissioning, to result in the Startup of a facility, safely, complying with the established times, respecting the environment, thus achieving a rapid and stable operation. ” Engineer, Juan Mendez, ICG Commissioning Manager

What is really achived?

· Benefits for the Company – Return on the Investment
· To guarantee the success of the Project – Without Startup = there are no Successes
· Usefull life of the Plant – Fewer damages more preparation
· Reputation of the Consultant – Demonstration of Competences
· Personal Reputation – High Recognition
· Self steem – We are capable of Achieving what We Want

” Every day without startup of the operations constitutes thousands and up to million of dollars lost for the operator, that is why the importance of a planned, methodical and sure start up” Engineer, Eduardo Rivodó, President of ICG