This phase begins when the first drop of fluid process and the first process gas molecule reaches the systems, equipment and piping installations, verifying that the operating conditions are optimal to start production.

Normally startup units (water, steam, gas, electricity, air, nitrogen, cooling water, effluent) can be considered a commissioning operation; the actual startup phase begins with the introduction of feed to the process plant.

The implementation phase comprises the following main activities:

• Feeding with oil, gas or other plant product (Oil / Gas / Feed In)

• Control valves intonation.

• Check electrical protection coordination.

• Verification of operational parameters in human-machine interfaces (HMI) and distributed control systems and programmable logic controllers

• Entry into operation of the process plant.

This phase is typically performed in conjunction with the client (equipment operations and maintenance) and the consultant has  resources available for the execution of the maintenance of this stage.

“Startup , set of activities undertaken to start equipment and put in service processes and systems to achieve stable operation.” Engineer, Juan Mendez, ICG Commissioning Manager

Operation Certification and Acceptance

Performance tests, Guarantee, Performance, Capacity and demonstration plant and equipment are carried out the end of the process of commissioning and startup.

It seeks to show the client that both processing plants and service, work according to the design, reaching product specifications and capacity guaranteed in the contract.

Dossier delivery Provisional Acceptance

The elaboration of Commissioning and Startup dossier starts from the stage of preparation and planning, with the index structure, assembling folders with documents and certificates, others.

It is an ongoing process throughout all stages of commissioning and commissioning are completed after the Provisional Acceptance once issued reports of the results of all tests required for this phase.