Chronology of growth ICG

2009 – Our Begining

  • n 2009 start Industrial Consulting Group (ICG) with the opening of offices in Bogota, Colombia.

  • This year, ICG sign an agreement with Pacific Rubiales Energy for the commissioning and Startup of Campo Rubiales central production facilities CPF-1 expansion from 40,000 BPD to 100,000 BPD of heavy crude 12 5 ° API


We started for Mecanicos Asociados S.A. (MASA) the startup, training, certification of operation and assistance during the operation of the Treatment Plant and processing of natural gas in Campo Dina, Huila, 10 MMSCFD & 500 BPD Liquid Natural Gas – LGN.

  • We develop for Pacific Rubiales Energy the commissioning and startup  of  the central production facilities expansion CPF-1 from 100,000 BPD to 130,000 BPD of extra heavy oil of 12.5 ° API.
  • We started for Pacific Rubiales Energy the commissioning and startup of the following  facilities:

Campo Rubiales CPF-2  70,000 BPD of extra heavy oil of 12.5 ° API.

Campo Quifa SO of 30,000 bpd of extra heavy crude of 13.5 ° API.


  • We continue to expand operations to Pacific Rubiales Energy with the  commissioning and startup at Campo  Rubiales of the  water injection system to  wells.

    • Is achieved the increased of capacity of central production facility (CPF) in Campo Quifa SO  up to 45,000 BPD of heavy oil.

    • We develop for Pacific Stratus Energy the  commissioning and startup  of the following facilities:

    • Increased Production Capacity up to 110 MMSCFD of Gas – Campo La Cresciente, Lower Magdalena
    • New Gas Compression System for Transport – Abocol  Plant/ Promigas, Cartagena.
    • Dew Point Control Plant 1.5 MMSCFD – Campo Abanico


  • We expanded operations in Ica, Peru with commissioning and startup for Pluspetrol of the second expansion of NGLs fractionation plant of Pisco Plant 30,000 BPD.

  • We continued support for maintaining oil production at Campos Rubiales-Pirirí and Quifa, with the startup  of water treatment and injection facilities, due to continued growth of water cut of production fluids.

  • We consolidated as a leading company in the Commissioning and  and Startup of oil and gas facilities.

  • We grew in our portfolio of clients, including other operators in Colombia and other markets such as Perú

2013 – GROWTH

  • We received certification in Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health granted by Bureau Veritas that shows our commitment and continuous improvement.

    • Implementation of the model of Corporate Social Responsibility-CSR.

    • Commissioning and Startup were executed in the central production facilities CPF1 and  CPF-2 needed to increase production capacity to 188,000 BPD Rubiales crude 12.5 ° API.

    • Commissioning and start up activities were implemented in campo Quifa  new surface facilities needed to achieve the increase in production capacity of 55,000 BPD Quifa oil 13.5 ° API.

    • We continued with the Pilot Project STAR-Recapture Synchronized Thermal Additional in the Quifa field as a step to expand the technology. The objective of the STAR project is to increase the recovery of heavy oil in Pacific  fields in Colombia.

    •Commissioning and start up activities were implemented  in the repowering of the Oil Unloading facilities for tanker trucks  RB-372  for transportation of 91,000 BPD fluid.

    •Commissioning and start up activities continued in new surface facilities needed to achieve increase production capacity in campo La Creciente up  to 110 MMSCFD of natural gas, currently running. Besides commissioning and startup activities in Control Unit Dew Point Control unit were executed.

    • commissioning  and startup were completed in the  new off shore facilities corresponding to the production platform CX-15 Z-1 Lot in Tumbes, Peru for Pacific Offshore Peru, SRL, with a maximum production capacity 20,000 BPD.



PACINFRA – Pacific Infraestructure


  • The  participation of ICG in the development of one of the most ambitious private initiatives that Pacific Infrastructure (Pacinfra) is in charge,  Puerto Bahia is capable of managing  tankers with 1,000,000 barrels capacity   through a  800 meters wharf.



  • Technical assistance to support the process of Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Startup (PCS) and Training of Cartagena Refinery Expansion Project, where crude refining capacity will be increase from 80 KBPD to 165 KBPD.



  • We continue support for maintaining oil production at the Rubiales-Pirirí and Quifa fields, with the implementation of raw water treatment and injection facilities, due to continued growth of water cut of production  fluids
  • • Interconnection of medium voltage electrical networks 34.5 Kv of the Rubiales and Quifa fields with the electrical distribution system of  Petro- Electrica de los Llanos PEL in 240 Kv and with a 169 Mw capacity.
  • Start of commissioning and startup  activities of CPE-6 block of  Meta Petroleum business unit and Rio Ariari  of Petrominerales business unit

2015 – STARTUP




  • Startup of total units that operate port: Liquids Terminal . Loading / unloading facilities for tanker Trucks. Terminal of General cargo and  Dry cargo. Barges Wharf. Storage Tanks



  • In October, 2015, we start(extract) successfully the operations of 4 of 5 units of the Refinery of Cartagena